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    The "Αρχοντικό της Περσεφώνης " (archonteko tes persefones) is the most famous restaurant in town,  located in the central complex of paved sidewalks in the city center near the central square. Its name reflects the harmonious combination of luxury and tasteful meals in a modern building. The interior of the building is laid out perfectly in a way that leaves no room for second thoughts rather than someone to sit and taste the experience. Distinct and discrete tables arranged on two floors prepared to satisfy the most demanding customers.

The restaurant's philosophy is simple: grooming our customers as members of our family, we offer high quality food, always aim to surpass ourselves. This philosophy was started in 1995 when Mrs. Fone and Mr. Gregory opened the house in Messolonghi. From day one they made clear to every customer who walked in the restaurant, their commitment to quality and generosity of spirit.

What started as a restaurant managed to become a modern myth of quality and elegance. A myth that not only offers a delicious meal but you can meet with old and make new friends, have business meetings, arrange banquets, celebrate important events of your life such as name days, birthdays and weddings.

It is a modern myth which has hosted thousands of funs of good food and waits you to visit and live for yourself the experience. Thanks to the warm sense of hospitality of the owners it is considered as a second home for many customers.